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Yue Fan

Yue Fan

MSE. in Robotics
Johns Hopkins University

I graduate as a undergraduate in Shandong University. Now, I'm a master student in Johns Hopkins University, and I major in Robotics. My study interests are in Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.


In July of 2020, my IROS submission was accepted.
Recently, I'm working on a medicinal image analysis project.

My projects

Unspuervised Adrenomyeloneuropathy disease data analysis.

- Apply feature selection to find dominant factors among the disease progression.
- Design the extra-data-dimension heatmap toolkit for visualization the patient clusters. - Use Bayesian Neural Network to classify the progressor with uncertainty.

Paper writing is in progress. Heatmap Toolkit.

Learn by Observation: Imitation Learning for Drone Patrol from Raw Videos of A Human Navigator

- Design a data auto-labeling method using inter-frame geometric consistency.
- Bring up a DNN called UAVPatrolNet for Detecting Road.
- Make a dataset for drone autonomous Navigation.

IROS 2020 accepted

Training Quadruped Robot with Reinforcement Learning

- Use Unity3D ML-Agents.
- Train the quadruped robot to crawl.

RL for Robot

Object Detection in Aerial Image
- I contributed to the teamwork by reproducing existing mature algorithms, e.g. RPN, Faster R-CNN.
- I conducted simulated experiments and adjusted the parameters to realize the optimal training effect; improved the object detection performance on aerial images.

ECCV Workshop - Visdrone2018

Carbon-free Car

After testing nowadays' state-of-the-art object detection networks, we followed the Faster R-CNN algorithm. However, we made a few adjustments on it to adapt to VisDroneDet dataset. The dataset given consists of many variant-sized proposals which lead to a multi-scale object detection problem. In order to mitigate the impact of relatively rapid changes in sizes of bounding boxes, we added more anchors with large sizes to fit those larger objects and keep small anchors unchanged for detecting tiny objects such as people and cars in long distance. Moreover, the VisDroneDet dataset has an unbalanced object dis- tribution. When testing on validation dataset, we found that classification performance for car is much better than others for the reason that the appearance of cars is more frequent. To alleviate this problem, we masked out some car bounding boxes by hand for pursuing better classification performance.

Control and Monitoring System of DJI Drones through PC
- Designed the control interface on PC with varies functions like “vehicle detection”.
- Developed a system to transmit data between UVA and PC using Qt and DJI SDK.
- Applied the system in city traffic to successfully improve the management efficiency.


Drone with ROS

Control interface on PC.

DJI M100 Drone.

Binocular distance measurement with one camera on UVA.

Control of Carbon-free Car
- Developed a circuit board and selected the proper sensor by studying the control system of the carbon-free car.
- Conducted OOP of the machine by designing and applying the control algorithm.
- Awarded the First Prize in Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition of Shandong Province.

Carbon-free Car

-realize autonomous obstacle avoidance

-Since the car is powered by the hammer block‘s gravitational potential energy, it is called Carbon-free Car.

-Win the First Prize in Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition of Shandong Province

Assembling and Programming Drones with ROS
- Assembled drones from scratch.
- Designed programs for STM32 flight controller(Pixhawk) running Robot operating system.
- Won the municipal First Prize in China RoboWork Competition.


Drone with ROS


Learn by Observation: Imitation Learning for Drone Patrolling from Videos of A Human Navigator
IROS 2020
Author: Yue Fan, Shilei Chu, Wei Zhang, Ran Song, and Yibin Li


A Method to Precisely Apply Screen Protector
(Patent No.: ZL 2015 1 0853152. 0)

Extracurricular Experience

Career Exploration Program
Team Leader of 10, The University of Hong Kong, 2016

Filming in Support of College Entrance Examination Takers
Initiator, Shandong Experimental High School, 2015
video >>

Honor & Award

2nd-class Scholarship
2018, 2017 & 2016 • Issued by Shandong University

1st Prize, Quadrotor Aircraft Group & Hexacopter Aircraft Group of China RoboWork Competition
2018 & 2016 • Issued by The International Federation of Robotics

3rd Prize, National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition
2017 • Issued by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of PRC

1st Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics in Shandong Province
2014• Issued by China Computer Federation

Skill & Interest

Computer: Python, C, C++, C#, Linux, Tensorflow, Caffe, Unity & Qt
Language: Mandarin (native), English (proficient)
Interest: robots, reinforcement learning, deep learning

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